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Garena Officially Acquires Phoenix Labs, the Developer of Dauntless Games

| September 27, 2020 WIB | 0 Views

Is one of the publishers and developers who are very popular in Southeast Asia, namely Garena has just made something surprising in early 2020. Garena has officially acquired Phoneix Labs which is a develover from the Dauntless game.

Phoenix Labs is the developer of the free version of the Monster Hunter-style game which was released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch platforms. The game is titled Dauntless.

But unfortunately, Garena did not provide information about the nominal amount of the deal regarding the cooperation between the two. Even so, it is said that Garena has completely acquired all of the studio branches owned by Phoenix Labs.

Phoenix Labs' own branches are located in Vancouver, San Mateo, California and Seattle. That way Garena himself is committed to seeming like he will seriously enter into PC games and fully support the sustainability of the Dauntless game in the future.

The CEO of Phoenix Labs, Jesse Houston also considers that this acquisition is the result of the hard work that has been done by his team for the last 6 years. So he certainly doesn't want to waste this opportunity to further explore the potential for new game developments along with the Mobile Video Games Industry market.

Meanwhile, Garena's Founder Forrest Li, who is the parent of Garena, has been monitoring the development of Phoenix Labs, which used to be the investor of the developer.

Forrest Li is very enthusiastic about the growth of the Studio, which he founded together with the former Riot Games employee since 2014. Now Garena is a major developer and publisher in the world.