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7 Fashion Items That Big Chested Women Should Avoid

| September 27, 2020 WIB | 0 Views

For some women, having large breasts can sometimes be a problem in itself. The wrong choice of fashion items can cause discomfort during activities throughout the day.

Of course there is nothing wrong with being a big-breasted woman. It's just that, to make you more comfortable, here are some fashion items that you should avoid.

Top ruffles.

Tops with tassel accents on the chest can make your body thicker and fuller, especially if you wear clothes with off-shoulder models.

Tank top with spaghetti strap.

Clothing like this will also make your chest look bigger. In addition, the small string can also cause discomfort.

Turtleneck shirt.

Even though it's cool, those of you who have big chests shouldn't wear a turtleneck top. The model that wraps the body up to the neck will expose the chest clearly.

Excessive neck accessory.

If you want to use accessories, just choose a simple model. Accessories that are large and flashy will make your chest highlight even more and may make you uncomfortable.

Bodycon dress.

This fashion item should also be avoided. A tight dress that has a smaller model at the bottom can make the body's proportions unbalanced. Better to choose a-line skirt with a wide cut at the bottom.

Small bra.

Choosing the right bra will make your chest look proportional. Besides, isn't it uncomfortable if the bra is too small?

So, always adjust the cup and choose a bra that covers the entire breast. Avoid half cup, push-up, and foamy bras.

Boxy jacket

The wrong choice of a jacket can also affect the comfort of dressing. Please note, fashion items such as boxy jackets will make your appearance look heavy and have more volume.