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5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin on the Internet

| September 28, 2020 WIB | 0 Views

5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin on the Internet, BTC is currently very high, guys. Hundreds of millions of tablets are the price of BTC today, can you imagine how many fish money can be generated when selling Bitcoin to Rupiah.

Even BITCOIN during a pandemic like this can be a source of income for those facing economic problems nowadays.

There are many ways to get bitcoin both paid and free. For those who are paid, it may be more towards getting bitcoin through its sure trading site. but this time the admin wants to share a method of getting free bitcoin but it costs a lot of capital, aka free (Just prepare your internet).

5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin on the Internet

Now the admin just talks about how to get free bitcoin, what admin will explain is the platform and how it works so that you can find out and practice How to Get Free Bitcoin.

Please see the tutorial below, guys:


The first method and the most popular way among Bitcoin Hunter is to get free bitcoins by mining bitcoin, guys.

In general, when you want to do bitcoin mining via a laptop or cellphone, it is required and recommended that you have an adequate device, aka have a solid graphics card and also a fairly large RAM capacity or use an SSD so that data loading becomes smoother.

Cyprtotab is an application that you can try to get Free Bitcoin by mining bitcoin, guys, you just need to download and try the application every day. Every time your mining browser is open, the mining process also runs.

Seeing from the reviews of several large sites that discuss bitcoin, this application is believed to really pay. But obviously mining will take a long time to generate Bitcoin, at least you must have lots of referrals or not buy the cloud boosting service they offer.


Furthermore, you can get bitcoins by playing small games, well that can be said by getting free bitcoins by following the program from the Bitcoin Faucet.

There are so many bitcoin faucets out there, guys, and you can do Google search, this keyword definitely displays sites that can really help you get bitcoin.

But the name is also a faucet, so the bitcoin income that can be obtained without referrals is definitely a little and you could say very little in fact. But you can still persevere to experience what is called BTC.

Admin Case:

Admin usually picks up bitcoins through a faucet like this guys, then admin sends bitcoins to Indodax and then admin sells and buys, when bitcoins are expensive, they are sold right down, admin buys and is lucky from BTC worth Rp. 5,000 admin can play up to Rp. 50,000 at that time hehe but it will take more time, guys, waiting for the graphical price to go up and down hehe ...


Next is to play the fidget spinner game on your browser, there is something exciting, namely the Bitcoin Spinner program where you only need to play the fidget spinner spinner and slowly and surely you will get Bitcoin.

But you have to be ready to get sore when you try this one game, but how come there are many who have managed to payout in this program, the proof is that many have reviewed the Bitcoin Indonesia blog.

BLOGGING / Landing Page.

If you are a blogger and want to get bitcoin by utilizing your website traffic, you can try this one advertising, namely a-ads. The admin himself is still playing the mod admin game download blog using this one advertising service.

If you are not a blogger, it's enough if you create a landing page and then place an ad from this Bitcoin PPC site. You will be paid like Google Adsense, when there is a click on the ad banner and there is also an ads popup feature.


Affiliates are the next best way to get free bitcoins on the internet, guys, you just have to spread the link and every link that is successfully registered, you should be able to receive BTC rewards that are worth it.

Now this affiliation can be done on many bitcoin platforms, for example, CryptoTab which allows you to keep getting Bitcoin by relying on referrals or registered users through your promotional link.

Sites like a-ads also use affiliations, you just need to find users who are interested in using the same services you use and let them do the work.

So that's 5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin on the Internet that admin can share in this article, Hopefully it's useful and can help you in getting quite sophisticated side income, CryptoCurrency.