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5 Types Of Short-term Investments

| September 27, 2020 WIB | 0 Views

What we will discuss is the types of short-term investments that you can make. It is undeniable that if we invest, the goal is not only for the long term, of course, you also have financial plans or financial goals that you want to achieve in the short term.

One of the most important things that you should always remember is what your financial goals are. Is it short term or long term? Is it possible for you to choose high-risk investments or not? So, of course, you must answer these questions by first looking and studying the various types of investments that are available that are tailored to your financial goals. Therefore, especially for those of you whose financial goals are short term, HiTekno this time will provide you with information about what types of short-term investments you can do.

1. Deposits

Deposits or what we are more familiar with as term savings are one of the safest types of investment because they have very minimal risk. Deposits can also be categorized as long-term or short-term investments according to the timeframe we set at the beginning. Usually, the longer the storage time, the higher the interest or return we will get. For long-term deposits, the interest or return you get will be accumulated and paid at the same time at the end of the investment period. For example, if you choose a deposit with a term of 6 months, the interest you will get will be paid after the 6 month maturity date. Now it's different from long-term deposits, usually the interest will be paid monthly on a regular basis. But it doesn't matter, the important thing is to still get interest, right? Another thing about deposits is that within the agreed time frame, we cannot take our money at all. So if you really want to choose this type of investment, you have to really commit.

However, among the four types of short-term investments that we will discuss next, this type of deposit investment is included in the type of investment with the least return / interest / profit obtained, because it is the least risky. So as a small risk return, the interest earned is not too big.


Who of you has never heard of this type of investment? At least once in a lifetime hahaha. Well, just like deposits, stocks can also be categorized as a type of short-term or long-term investment. However, this stock investment is more flexible. You can buy and sell stocks whenever you want. Stocks can also be said to be one type of investment that is in the line of the most profitable investment types. The average investment type of this stock can generate returns or profits of up to 20% or more per year. However, according to the concept in the world of investment, the greater the return, the higher the risk. Likewise what happened to stock investment. The stock market itself is highly volatile. The buying price and selling price of the stock itself can change at any time, even in seconds. So in an instant all the possibilities will occur, it could be that you get big profits in a moment, you may also lose big in a moment. So if you choose this type of investment, especially for the short term, then you must be smart in implementing strategies and must be resilient. The point of hardiness here is that you don't waver when you lose, and aren't too greedy when you gain.

Going back to the long term and the short term. In the world of stocks, people who invest for the short term are usually categorized as traders. Meanwhile, people who want to invest in the long term are more categorized as investors. Investors themselves will put their money with the aim for the long term. For example 3 years or more. So in that period of time whether the value of the shares goes up or down they will not sell their shares. As for traders who are short-term oriented, they will continuously analyze the stock market to see the movement of the value or stock index. If the value drops and falls below the reasonable limit, then they must sell their shares so they don't lose too much.

So in essence, if you want to invest in stocks for the short term, you must be equipped with knowledge as traders and take your time to monitor the movement of the stock market continuously. Of course, the shorter the timeframe for you to invest in stocks, the higher the risk.

3. Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Peer to Peer Lending or commonly known as P2P Lending is still not very popular compared to other types of investment. This type of investment is also relatively new. Simply put, this type of P2P Lending investment has a system where you as an investor will lend your money to a borrower who is also known as a borrower. Then you will get the benefit of the loan interest that the borrower will pay. In practice, you will be given the freedom to lend your money to whom and when is the deadline for loan repayments to be made by the borrower. Because the system is a loan, of course there is a risk of default that might really happen. So if you want to try this type of investment, you have to properly study who you are going to lend to. Now, most prospective borrowers are MSMEs in Indonesia. Besides you can invest, you can also help the MSME sector in Indonesia, it adds up to good deeds, right?

Now one more thing about this type of P2P Lending investment is that you can get multiple profits if you apply a compounding effect, where the interest from the investment returns that you get is continuously reinvested. For more details about this P2P Lending

4. Money Market Funds

Mutual funds are an investment instrument that is being loved today. Besides being easy, mutual funds also offer a low minimum investment nominal, which is only 10 thousand rupiah. For short-term investment purposes, you can try not all types of mutual funds, because each type of mutual fund has its own risk level. So for short-term investments, of course you don't want too high a risk. Yes, you are planning to save money for 6 months, but because you chose the wrong type of mutual fund so the risk is too high, within 6 months you will not get a profit but a loss.

For short-term investments with minimal risk, the recommended mutual funds are money market funds. What does money market mutual funds mean? What this means is that the money you invest 100% will be placed in money market instruments such as time deposits, bonds, Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), and so on. For this type of money market mutual fund, you can buy it at banks or online platforms that already exist today such as bareksa and seeds.

5. Bonds

Bonds or simply we usually interpret them as debt securities as a statement of debt by the bond issuer (the party who owes it) to the bondholder. Like any debt system in general, there will be a due date for the payment of the debt along with the interest that must be paid by the bond issuer to the bondholders. Here our role is as bondholders, yeah guys. So we are considered a lender or a debt. Well, usually the maturity of each bond (bond) will be different. In Indonesia, it is generally between 1-10 years. So if your orientation is to invest in the short term, then choose a maturity that is not too long.

The bonds themselves can be issued either by the government or by the private sector or businessmen. For the government, the issuance of bonds can be a source of funding to finance part of the budget deficit in the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN). As for the private sector, the issuance of bonds can be used to increase fresh funds for business development purposes. Then these bonds are the same as stocks, which can be traded and traded by the bondholders. If there is a term in a bond called a coupon or interest. So you will get benefits in the form of coupons or interest from every bond you hold. Usually the nominal will differ depending on how long your bonds are due and other factors. Then the benefits that you might get can also come from the difference in the price of the bonds themselves.

Now, to buy bonds yourself, you can usually buy them at selling agents such as banks, securities institutions or platforms that do buy and sell bonds. One thing you have to remember about bonds is that if you sell bonds before maturity, you will most likely lose because the selling price will be lower. That's why it's very important for you to determine the right maturity.

Okay guys, that's all for the discussion about 5 types of short-term investments that you can try. Hopefully it will give you an overview and of course it can be an additional insight for all of us. Wait for the next articles.